Snow Gazer

Snow Gazer

Buy This Tutorial Here - Snow Gazer was inspired by an encounter with a Downy Woodpecker on an afternoon walk. I loved the pose and initially did a pencil sketch which is the Downy Drawing tutorial. Once the sketch was completed I thought that the pose was too dynamic to limit to a black and white piece so I painted a full colour original which of course is Snow Gazer.

Snow Gazer instructs on how to create gradated backgrounds by hand, multi-colour bird feathers and soft billowing snow. Also learn how to create depth with minimal elements.

Run Time: 4Hr 13 Min
Difficulty: Beginner
Board Size: 10 x 8 Inches
Lesson Aids: Line Drawing, Colour Template, Materials List, Reference Photo.

Snow Gazer
  • Snow Gazer Pt.1

    In part one we mix our base colours and then block in the art board, painting a gradation using brush and sponge techniques.

  • Snow Gazer Pt.2

    In this part we will use our base/local colours to block in the bird.

  • Snow Gazer Pt.3

    In this part we add detail to the Downy's head.

  • Snow Gazer Pt.4

    In this part we refine the shape and form of the back and wing feather and then add detail.

  • Snow Gazer Pt.5

    In this part we lay down the base colours for the snow covered golden rod, making sure to create a 'rounded' look.

  • Snow Gazer Pt.6

    In this part we refine the snows shape and start to add detail through dry brush and stippling.

  • Snow Gazer Pt.7

    In this section we add even more detail to the snow and start to refine the browns and warms in our foliage.

  • Snow Gazer Pt.8

    In this part we detail our foliage and learn how to soften shapes in the background to create depth.

  • Snow Gazer Pt.9

    In the final part we add detail to the tail feather and the back of the bird. We then use a spatter effect to create falling snow.

  • snow-gazer-line-drawing.jpg

    564 KB

    The line drawing to assist in transfer to board for this art instruction tutorial.

  • snow-gazer-template.jpg

    1.87 MB

    The colour template for reference and for transfer to art board.

  • materials-list-snow-gazer.jpg

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    All colours, brushes, extra materials and colour swatch used in this tutorial.

  • snow-gazer-reference.jpg

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    The photo reference that inspired the original painting.