Rock Textures

Rock Textures

Buy This Tutorial Here - This painting was painted as a tutorial for how to paint rock textures. It is one of the few paintings I have done that had a purely educational purpose and not a life experience behind it.

Part of the original Power To Paint DVD series converted to streaming video. This video covers all your questions about how to create detailed rock textures. This tutorial demonstrates the painting of surface textures, smooth rocks and how to create clusters of rocks in a few simple strokes!

Run Time: 1Hr 15 Min
Difficulty: Beginner
Board Size: 5.5 x 8 Inches
Lesson Aids: Line Drawing, Colour Template, Materials List, Reference Photo.

Rock Textures
  • Rock Textures Pt.1

    In part one of this tutorial we block with our base colours. Initial texturing is applied to the painting as shape and form is established.

  • Rock Textures Pt.2

    In part two we learn to break down our areas into cluster of rocks. We finish up with final detailing and light glazes/washes.

  • rocks-textures-line-drawing.jpg

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    The line drawing to assist in transfer to board for this art instruction tutorial.

  • rocks-textures-template.jpg

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    The colour template for reference and for transfer to art board.

  • materials-list-rock-textures.jpg

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    All colours, brushes, extra materials and colour swatch used in this tutorial.

  • rock-textures-reference.jpg

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    The photo reference that inspired the original painting.