Kindred Nuzzle

Kindred Nuzzle

Run Time: 11Hr 30 Min
Video Size: 1920x1080 Full HD

For many years I would visit the site of a fox den in the spring see that years new editions to the world. This den housed generations of fox, so many that the denning foxes became very accustomed to the presence of humans around the den. Through unfortunate events that I reveal in chapter one the den no longer exist. I will miss spending time with the young foxes and watching them grow up and move on from the den, but Kindred Nuzzle will always take me back to those fond moments spent with them.
In this tutorial we learn the importance of capturing a moment in time that grabs the viewer. Learn how to compose a simple composition to have punch and interest. We will learn how to use changes in direction, texture and value to complete this painting. If you like soft and cuddly, this is your tutorial.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Board Size: 11 x 14 Inches
Downloadable Lesson Aids: Line Drawing, Colour Template, Materials List, Reference Photo.

Kindred Nuzzle
  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.1

    In part one we mix our base colours and then block in the main colour to our board, then mov on to apply a hand painted gradation to the board.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.2

    In part two we start the process of blocking in the heads of the two main fox kits, learning how to use colour to capture character.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.3

    In part three of the lesson we block in the bodies of the fox kits and learn how to use colour to create markings and plane changes.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.4

    In part four we move on to the third fox kit and block in his major shape and form.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.5

    In part five we move on to the grass areas of the painting. We learn to use colour and value change to establish depth in our painting and elements.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.6

    In the sixth part of the lesson we build up the shape and form in the third fox kit and start to add initial detail to the head.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.7

    In part seven of the tutorial we move on to bid up the head if the 'nuzzling' fox kit. The use of layering and direction painting is taught in this part.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.8

    We now move on to my favorite part, the main fox kits head. In this part we will learn how to use our 'light modeling' and line direction to capture expression.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.9

    In part nine we finish detailing the head of the main fox kit and then turn our attention to the build up of the right kits body fur.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.10

    In part ten we finish off building up the body and legs of the right fox kit and finish off with detailing the area.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.11

    In part eleven we take the things we learn painting the right fox kit and and now apply them to the 'nuzzle' fox kit.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.12

    In part twelve we move over to the main fox kit and start to build up his body fur. With more daunting fur patterns we learn to break up areas and 'manage' them.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.13

    Part thirteen is the second part to deal with build up and painting the fur textures in the main fox kit.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.14

    In part fourteen we finish off the body of the main fox kit, learning how to use colour and value to create 'turning' in the body.

  • Kindred Nuzzle Pt.15

    In the final part of the lesson we deal with 'technology' issues and take a guided tour of how the grass was painted.

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