Dynamic Photography

Dynamic Photography

Run Time: 51 Min.
Video Size: 1280 x 720 Standard HD

Part of the original Power To Paint DVD series converted to streaming video. This volume will instruct you on how to operate your camera on manual mode and balance your exposure through shutter speeds and aperture settings. The viewer will learn how to set up a shot, sample the available light and then use the internal light meter to set a correct exposure for the perfect shot. Then learn the tricks and techniques to composing dynamic photographs like capturing character, action or natural lines. This volume also teaches the viewer how to manipulate the f-stop of our camera to maximize the depth, light and field of our photograph.

Difficulty: Beginner
Materials: Your Camera

Dynamic Photography
  • Photography Pt.1

    This Chapter covers the use of Manuel Exposures, apertures, shutter speeds and balancing a photos exposure.

  • Photography Pt.2

    This part instructs on capturing character, posture and action. It also explores the use of thirds, lines and rotation. Chapter concludes with the use of negative space, depth, mood and lighting.

  • Photography Pt.3

    This final part instructs on the use of shutter speeds and f-stops to produce different effects in your photos.